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On the Great Flood, the Future, and My Birthday - Definitely Alex [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On the Great Flood, the Future, and My Birthday [May. 7th, 2010|06:56 pm]

It’s been a while since my last update, but my attitude going into this whole “blogosphere” thing was that I’d never apologize. In fact, I try to adhere to that rule in every facet of my life. Apologies are for pussies. I, sir, am no pussy.

Let us continue, by which I mean to say “shut up and listen”.

A few days ago I woke up for work and found that, upon a routine trip to the bathroom, my feet had gotten wet. It turns out the wetness was not limited to my socks. Said wetness had spread from a broken line to the washing machine to the majority of my house (“house” being a fancy word for “shitty basement suite” in this context). Short story long, a few hours later there appeared some contractors courtesy of my landlord.

By the end of it, they’d drawn a few conclusions: 1) the damage was extensive enough to warrant the tearing down of several walls and the tearing up of several floors, and 2) the work required made our living there a near impossibility.

So we moved.

When I say “we moved”, some people might say such a description is “woefully insufficient”. Some people like me. It was a great clusterfuck of a four day weekend, but we made it out alive. Bonus: none of our stuff got wrecked.

The landlords are being difficult about the damage deposit, but from their view, it’s understandable: they checked the place before we cleaned it. Reasonable, I know!

Kaitlin and I are having wonderful conversations with our bank with regards to purchasing a humble dwelling of our very own. Plans for this hypothetical abode include a white picket fence, a dog (of my choosing, and don’t let her tell you otherwise), an aquamarine kitchen, and all sorts of things for my man cave.

If I were asked to sum up the recent events with a few well-chosen words, I’d simply call it “a strange and exciting time”. Things are looking up, as they should.

Furthermore, several of you missed my birthday yesterday, though many of the people on my Facebook friends list were kind enough to remember (even if it was thanks to the prompting of Facebook itself). Your superficially friendly good wishes warm the cockles of my heart. My parents bought me a rather finely crafted BBQ and my wife, well…

You get the idea. ;)