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On a New House, Work (again), and Steak - Definitely Alex [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On a New House, Work (again), and Steak [May. 16th, 2010|12:32 pm]

To say we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us might be an understatement. We found the house we wanted for a decent price and the renovations taking place over the course of the coming year won’t break the bank. I’ll finally have a house of my own that looks how I figure my house should look. We’re just waiting for the final approval stuff to go through, then it’ll be ours by next month. Not a bad pull, if I may say so.

To that end, I’ve been working like the proverbial dog. I’ve put in over 100 hours in the last two weeks. I’m enjoying my only day off until next weekend right now, but already I find myself with nothing to do, waiting for Monday’s work day to come, fully aware that once it does, I’ll be wanting nothing more than time off. It’s a strange cycle, to say the least.

Within a few months we’ll have the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom fully renovated (minus the new kitchen cabinetry, which comes later). Black and white tile for the kitchen floor, hardwood for the living room, and probably laminate for the bedroom. We have yet to finalize any decisions with regards to the colors of our walls, but I’m sure Kaitlin will come up with something fantastic.

My man cave downstairs will eventually have a bit of a bar, some couches, and possibly a TV in the near future, along with a pleasant variety of liquor. There will even be a wood stove! It will be the room of my dreams, of that you can be sure.

I’m just glad we’re actually able to buy our own house at this point. Renting is okay for a while, but you quickly realize that the money you spend in rent is just getting thrown away every month. I’ll be building a fence for the front yard and I’m looking into putting in another patio on the cement courtyard behind the driveway that leads directly into the kitchen. It’s cheaper than stone and probably the easiest way for me to cover up all that ugly cement where a lawn should have been.

With only one day off this week, I’m loathe to play video games. They’re such a time sink, but at the same time I’m fully aware that I don’t really have anything else to do right now. I might just fire up the BBQ for supper tonight, grill up some teriyaki steaks.

Yes, that sounds delicious. Be well, everyone.